What is Coaching?
Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. (Gallwey)

The client sets their own agenda and the process is about change and taking action.

Research has shown a substantial return on investment for coaching interventions in business.

Particularly in times of recession, improving business and executive performance is vital to future success. Coaching provides a confidential, objective, open and supportive environment in which to build your future.

Areas which are responsive to good coaching include:
  • Business strategy development
  • Executive development
  • Leadership skills
  • Management of corporate change.
  • Goal setting
  • Support for newly appointed executives
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Performance at work
  • Personal and career planning
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal/staff relations
  • Communications
  • Interpersonal/staff relations
  • Managing outplacement
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